Patrick Johnson

After a successful career in law enforcement and having worked in various television shows and commercials, Patrick Johnson of Daytona Beach is now a passionate entrepreneur and is the Corporate President of Beach Street Bikes INC, APC Motorcycle Company INC, Navitas Financial Group INC, and managing director of Covalent Global Security LLC of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Pat Johnsan

Early Career           

Following his zeal to work for his country, Patrick has served twelve years in law enforcement where he dealt with narcotics and SWAT operations. He excelled at the tasks assigned to him and in his years of serving, he worked his level best to make his neighborhood safe and crime-free.

He has anardent passion for motorbikes and acting, which landed him in many television shows, and he has appeared on shows like American Chopper, Biker Buildoff (Discovery Channel), Redneck Family Wedding Reunion (CMT), Most Daring (Bruce Nash), Hot Bench (Kirk Liens). He has also done commercials.

Personal Life

Pat Johnson, Daytona Beach resident is a true patriot for life. He has always tried his level best to serve his country and the society in whatever way he could. He is a true sportsperson, having exceptional skills at soccer, boxing, surfing, weightlifting, martial arts and more. He loves music and knows how to play instruments like guitar, drums, piano, marimba and percussion.

In his free time, he likes to go on long rides on his bike. He is a philanthropist and believes in giving good future to children, as it is important to make the world a better place.


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